Electric Hair

I felt my heartbeat the entire time

It almost scared me, until our hands brushed .

I kept my eyes on yours;

not wanting to waste a minute.

The old married pair swim neck to neck,

his colors flamboyant green & purple,

hers dull brown to protect their babies.

I felt aligned with her; no predator

would show interest – a fine disguise.

Her husband though, the fancy man,

swims with no knowledge that his

fine suit might be his undoing.

Perhaps not fair, but Nature knows best &

who are we to protest?

Meanwhile, my heart keeps beating in time

with my desires, just watching the two swim;

so easy being them.

Unto the Hills

Little Girl with Flowers

The sun cuts my eyes as I gaze at those hills.
holding the lovely day to come.
Round, full with His gifts:
Care, shelter, all-abiding love.

From there will come my help in times of trouble.
Now, just His colors streaming through the Eastern dawn.
Help will wait another day – this watching is only for joy.
He’s seen me this way before – face alight with His reflection

Hair swept back by a kissing wind,
Those guardian hills stepping up straight & tall
Always talking to me, always reassuring me:
Look, look unto these hills.

My Father’s Daughter


I am the beginning – through Him I start
A new journey.
I feel echoes pass through my bones –
Times before of having Him near.
How many days did He save my life?

I am the apple of His eye now; no longer
An orphan, an outcast, a wisp of something
Passing by humanity.

I am his daughter by holy adoption.
Our love is fierce, tender, perfect.
He does for me – I accept what I cannot
Hope to deserve.

Before I was swept down into the sweet water
I thought I knew Him.
I did not.
Even now, wrapped in his wings I see only shadows
But shadows are enough for my yearning heart –
Anything He wants to give me is poured into me and
My heart is full. Amen.

Fear Not


Fear not, for I am with you.
He tells me many times
and yet I fear.
Not having enough,
being enough,
loving enough.
Patiently, He tells me again:
Fear not, for I am with you.

Then all my defenses come down
Like an imploding building,
The dust of my misery making a cloud
To block out His sun.
I am more than He bargained for –
The gray child, neither flesh nor spirit.

Yet He loves me and will not leave me.
Fear not, He says again and again.
Perhaps when I am gone from this place
Into His heaven, I will not fear.
Perhaps when paradise surrounds me
with beautiful oases I can rest and release my fear,
for He is with me always.


Blue Fairy

There’s something in the water –
you would think that all my sins would
muddy it up.
Looking deep, peering into my
most treasured secrets, I’m amazed to find it
still clean and pure.
Not my doing, but His.

Saving me is His job; baptism is mine.
Not the first time I’ve submerged into this
cold spirit bath, but the first time I’ve
entered aware.
Did the other time mean nothing?
No, but informed consent is all important.

I’ve felt saved for simply years, but if this is
what my Savior wants, I’m happy to comply.
And so I step in and down,
admiring the way my robe floats around my
shivering legs, like the petals on a wild rose.

So now there’s something in the water; me and Jesus.
I’m anticipating a cold fire to land on my head
as I arise back to air.
He does not fail me –
I feel clean, finally and yes saved by a hair.
Grateful worship enters my soul –
I am His now and no longer drowning in guilt.
No one will enter hell because of me, I am whole, He is all.


Blue Dots

He said He was the vine and I the branch.
Then, that I should remain in Him.
He used the word remain eleven times
during our conversation.
So many times I had to realize it was very important
to Him that I understand.
So I’m trying and it’s not too hard,
just the part where He said
I would remain with Him forever.

Surely not?
For all He did and does for me,
all I must do in return is remain?
What does He see in me?
Why am I so valuable to Him?
So many questions, but just one answer – remain.

Another said “Dwell,” and one more said, “Abide.”
I like remain – in it’s simplicity
it embraces my world and me in it.
With room to spare for Him,
always Him.