Someone on Facebook posed the question today: Do you take care of you?  Got me to thinking; do I?  I know that in years past I didn’t.  I didn’t love myself very much & I didn’t think anything good was ever going to happen for me.  So I tried slow suicide by cigarettes & food.  

God had a protective arm around me, though, & despite my best efforts, He sustained me.  And led me to therapy.  And provided me with medication for my psychiatric diseases.  And, when I began to love myself a little, He provided me with a medication which caused me to quit smoking effortlessly.  Then He led me to bariatric surgery & began working with me on making healthier food choices & sustained & healed me from my bariatric surgery.   He’s always been there for me even when I was a practicing pagan & turned my back on Him.  Still He stayed with me.  

With all that love lavished on me when I certainly was a broken sinner, I began to feel I was worthy of taking care of me.  And now my life is filled with joy, with love, with the blessing of a church family & a lifting of the shadows that always before hovered just above my head.  So I am grateful & know that through Jesus I am worthy, so yes, I do take care of me.  Amen.


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