Greta & Harley

The pic above is of my 2 Dachshund charges.  The big girl is Greta & the miniature boy is Harley.  They belong to my very good friend who is concerned about their separation anxiety, especially Harley’s.  So I go to their house 4 days a week & hang out with them, do a little light housekeeping & watch TV.   Good work if you can get it, lol.

Today Greta got her claw tangled in her blankie in a loose thread.  She tried to get free, but couldn’t, so I rendered assistance.  As I was bent over her, when she finally got free, she literally jumped up against my shoulder & snuggled her face against my neck.  She was saying, “Thank you.”  It really touched me because though Greta loves me, she’s not usually as demonstrative as Harley.  Harley occupies my lap any time I’m in a sitting position.  Greta greets me enthusiastically when I arrive, but then goes to her bed, which is close to where I sit, & stays there most of the day.  So I was so thrilled to get such a sweet reaction from her.   I love my work.


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