I dreamed that I was standing before a massive curving staircase.  The risers were of beautiful jade & carved very intricately in scenes of people’s lives.  I began ascending the stairs, but it took me forever because I was so captivated by the carving of the jade.  I’d take a step, stop, study the illustration, take in the wonder of it, then finally take another step.

When I got to the top, it was a balcony looking down on decorative gardens – more beauty.  I looked up into the sky & saw it filled with WWII war planes.  There were silk tents set up on the grounds & people were taking refuge in them.  Suddenly the planes began dropping bombs in the garden & I became very afraid.  A disembodied voice told me not to be afraid, that as long as I kept my place I would be safe & the people in the tents would also be safe as long as they stayed put.

I awoke gasping for air, but still amazed by the beauty I had left behind.


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