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I had twin brothers.  Past tense.  My mother allowed my paternal grandparents to adopt them when I was around 5 & they were 4.  I went to see them when I was a teenager.  That’s it.  I found out yesterday that the elder twin, Lynn, died 10 days ago most probably from complications of diabetes.  He died 10 days ago & I’m just now hearing of it.  My family is strange that way.  Ties are afterthoughts.  Emotions aren’t important.  Pain is the norm.

Because I had so little contact with them, I’m remembering him as a little boy.  To try to picture him as a grown man hurts too much.  I’m so very sad & grieving the loss of that little boy.  I remember being very protective of my twin brothers.  I remember loving them so much.  Then nothing.  Just silence forever more.  RIP my dear little brother whom I never knew.


2 thoughts on “Losing My Brother

  1. WOW, Vanessa! This is your most powerful post yet, in my opinion. I just can’t fathom this level of painful loss since it is so far removed from what I experienced in my family of origin. Thank you for having the courage to share your heart. I’m sure it will bless many who share similar stories. May God use this current deep, acute pain to ultimately bring greater unity and healing to your family.

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