Angel Naomi

After my last post my roommate & I had a bible study with another sister.  The topic was discipleship.  I learned that the bible only refers to Christ followers as Christians 3 times.  We are far more often called disciples & are commanded to take up our cross & follow Him.  We are further commanded to deny ourselves & follow God’s way & to know that it isn’t easy – just as Christ’s mission wasn’t easy.  But this is how the world will know Who we follow.  Jesus also gives a beautiful promise after the command to follow Him: that He will surely be with us through difficult times & circumstances.  

It occurred to me that this other “Mom” could very well be my cross to take up & that in obeying God & praying for her, she could find salvation.  That is none of my business; I’m simply commanded to love her.  True, I’ve had to pray to the Holy Spirit to love her through me because I just can’t yet bring myself to love her.  That may be the best I can do for awhile in my human weakness.  But I’ve prayed to love others who have done me wrong; she won’t be the first, so I have every expectation of success.  With God’s help, Amen.


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