Old hands

These hands look just like my great-grandmother’s – we called her Granny.  I think they are beautiful & reflect a lifetime spent doing for others – these are the hands of love.  Lately I’m noticing a change in my own hands – my collagen is gone & I’m starting to get wrinkles there & I’m realizing I’m on my way to having hands like these.  I’ve always been vain about my hands, so I have mixed feelings about this latest change in my body.

My Granny was a wonderful mother; anything I learned about how to love I learned from her & her eldest daughter, my grandmother.  Recently one of my granddaughters called me Granny & I discovered that I’m perfectly ok with that.  I’m a young-looking 57, so I don’t look the part, but if that’s what she wants to call me, I’ll take it.  I’m discovering that I really love being a grandmother.  I wish I had the means to spoil them all rotten, but they’ll just have to settle for me.  I hope I’m enough.  I hope I’m half the loving grandmother my Granny was.


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