It’s so dark where you are and
unsure how to step into light.
Your bad habits no longer serve you,
so why not let them go?
Of course they’re comfortable and
warm while it’s cold outside.

You’d be better off though, without them.
They hold you back, make you untrustworthy,
constantly declare love of your abuse.
Your process is not my concern,
my life not your business
to question .

Your dark is just shadows, not like the dark
found in caves deep and
full of lakes in which to fall.
No neon-white fish with teeth to rip
into your flesh – it’s really not that bad in the light.
Just set down some of your burden – it won’t hurt to try.


One thought on “Dark

  1. ❤ It's a hard thing to see someone we care for in a space that's unhealthy. But they have to move forward on their own. I've learned to ask God to show me MY lesson even in others' circumstances because otherwise He would not have revealed it. Not to sound too hippee, but in this way we are cosmically connected.

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