Blue Fairy

There’s something in the water –
you would think that all my sins would
muddy it up.
Looking deep, peering into my
most treasured secrets, I’m amazed to find it
still clean and pure.
Not my doing, but His.

Saving me is His job; baptism is mine.
Not the first time I’ve submerged into this
cold spirit bath, but the first time I’ve
entered aware.
Did the other time mean nothing?
No, but informed consent is all important.

I’ve felt saved for simply years, but if this is
what my Savior wants, I’m happy to comply.
And so I step in and down,
admiring the way my robe floats around my
shivering legs, like the petals on a wild rose.

So now there’s something in the water; me and Jesus.
I’m anticipating a cold fire to land on my head
as I arise back to air.
He does not fail me –
I feel clean, finally and yes saved by a hair.
Grateful worship enters my soul –
I am His now and no longer drowning in guilt.
No one will enter hell because of me, I am whole, He is all.


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