She’s my candle in darkness.

When some cold thing twists before her eyes

she hesitates, searching for strength

to keep going on.

She falls into a state of alone-ness,

then hides from me

until we find our way back to each other;

no grudges held, no burning anger.

Just our desperate longing for unity,

a fierce belief in the power of two.

My daughter, spiritual warrior that she is,

just wants her mother, a warm place to be.

I try to be warm for her, to melt the ice

we both carry, the cold that tells us lies.

It’s so hard to be what she needs, but I

aim to with all the Mother’s power

That can be mustered, though it’s strange,

foreign in my hands.

It leaves me sweating & shaken, killing shame

for her sake as she urges me on.


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