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Let us talk & walk in the cool of the evening

just as You did with them.

Tell me of Your plans, Your passions,

what You wish to breathe life into.

Let me be as she was; ignorant of

the serpent’s true being.

Keep me innocent & pure, like her,

not yet aware of evil.

Let us sit while I sing into being

the names of Your creation,

those whom You made for them to tend,

name, love & me? I delight in the feel of fur & feathers.

I delight also, in their language.

You gave them language & for a time they shared

times of speaking with your creatures.

But that was before he came & ruined our garden.

Look now; the sun is falling gently behind

this place we have named Earth.

I feel cold stares from some trees; they’re telling me

to return to my cave & dream no more about the

parents You gave me. They are long gone & I am an intruder here

though I do thank You for sharing your time with me

before I return to the hard, harsh life

that my parents bought me. Sleep well, Abba, sleep well.


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