Before I counted the cost,

when I could feel nothing,

when I had neither eyes nor ears,

Your heart was my lifeline while

together we grew my own heart’s seed,

Piece by tiny piece.

When I did count the cost,

Your immeasureable love nearly took me out,

far away from where we lived,

I nearly went mad with need of You.

You cradled my head in your immense hands

And I slept, not angry or confused.

Now I need You to light my way back home

past the black forests, crouching beasts

& monsters of my own making.

I want to be in the cleanness of Your heaven,

Broken, I stagger to Your altar.

Bleeding, I call out to the One seated on Your right.

I hear now, Your angels singing songs of healing,

Gabriel ministers to me, hurt but not alone, home at last.


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