I slipped so easily from Your wings,

pretended You slept & would not see me gone.

And just as Eve believed a lie not her own,

I didn’t seek exile, just my own will.

You found me in the dark & drowning place;

And then I learned obedience,

You showed me grace, You made me a follower

of the Precious One & now I keep my eyes on Yours.

Before I was the rebellious creature weeping

at Your feet; I was Yours & pure of heart.

But I soaked my hands in my own blood

and saw tears on Your shining face.

Having once been carried upon His shoulders,

I now stay near His side – the nightmare

being another separation – unbearable to my soul.

Lord, You are holy, You gentle to me – as You

examine my heart’s secret accounts.

Our Father sees You when He looks at me,

Praise be His name, praise be His name, Amen.


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